CaixaPay Eliminates Chargeback Risks & Costs

Take back control of your payments and access a new generation of customers. Say Goodbye To Traditional Payment Methods and goodbye to the dreaded chargeback.

Understanding the costs of accepting payments can be a tricky business & fees can be very high depending on the type of payment, and from where it comes from. CaixaPay cuts out all that added cost and uncertainty.


In a traditional credit card transaction, merchants pull sensitive data from a customer’s card to complete a sale. During that transfer, consumers are at risk of having personal data hacked, stolen and used by fraudsters. But CaixaPay transactions are more like cash sales: Customers decide precisely how much to transfer to a merchant. Merchants also never have to worry that payments are fraudulent.

This protection extends even after a CaixaPay transaction. When a customer files a credit card chargeback, the card issuer immediately refunds the purchaser’s money while the chargeback is reviewed (rarely ending in a favorable ruling for the merchant). But making a purchase with CXP virtually eliminates chargeback risks for merchants. There are no dispute procedures and no third party with which a consumer can file complaints. Payments made using CXP are final (unless merchants choose to voluntarily refund the money), making CaixaPay an attractive alternate payment method.

With the virtual elimination of chargebacks also comes the eradication of the chargeback lag — the 120 days a customer has after the transaction date to file a chargeback. This chargeback lag has traditionally wreaked havoc on an e-commerce retailer’s balance sheet, affecting a merchant’s bottom line, reputation and ability to conduct business. The DAG technology behind CaixaPay puts the payment in the retailer’s hands and on their balance sheet, permanently and immediately.

The merchant may not only lose revenue from the sale. They will also end up paying costly chargeback fees. All CXP transactions are protected by the CaixaPay network. That means merchants can accept payments without worrying about the threat of fraud or chargebacks.

CaixaPay can put the power back into the merchant’s hands.