01. welcome

Anywhere Anytime
In An Instant

CXP gives you the freedom to move your money any way you want. Grab lunch, split a check, or pay a bill. CXP moves money anywhere, to anyone, instantly. With almost zero cents in fees.

02. Benefits

CaixaPay Benefits


CXP uses Blockchain 3.0 also known as DAG. It solves scalability problems that Bitcoin & others are facing


Instant, on-demand Funds arrive to receipts wallet in less than 1 second


Real-time traceability of funds & zero charge backs


The cost to transfer funds is literally almost zero!
03. Get Your CXP Coins

Fast & Easy

Time to utilize the benefits and power of CaixaPay. The easiest way is to grab some CXP, which is the Ticker code for CaixaPay Coins.

The most fast & easy method is trading Bitcoin or Ethereum for CXP on BTC-Alpha, or Coinbene Exchanges. Its easy to sign up without complicated paperwork. Buy your CXP and withdraw them to your own dedicated CaixaPay wallet, where you hold full control of your CXP coins, wallet seed and keys.

04. Compare

Say Goodbye To
Traditional Payment Methods

Understanding the costs of international transfers can be a tricky business. The fees vary depending on the type of payment you’re making, and where it’s headed. CaixaPay cuts out all that uncertainty. Also be rest assured, you can say goodbye to chargebacks forever.

With the almost zero fees this also enables people and companies to accept micro payments. Using CXP it solves the problems of the high fees cutting into the profit margin and cost of the product.

05. Roadmap

CaixaPay Roadmap

The vision of creating a new cryptocurrency that solves the problems of speed & scaleability was formed by the founder
Q4 2016
TRF ICO Worldwide Launch
Q4 2017
DAG algorithm is implemented. Transition from Scrypt algorithm to DAG executed.
Q3 2018
Rebranding to CaixaPay
May 2019
Release New CaixaPay Wallets
August 2019
Purchase GIFT CARDS from major global brands using CXP
Q1 2020
Purchase Airport Lounge & Tourist Attractions Passes using CXP
Q1 2020
IOS Wallet Release & API Making it easier for online store to accept CXP
Q1 2020
New Exchanges, More Brands Accepting CXP
Q2 2020
CaixaPay Printable Traveler Cheques Introduced
Q3 2020
CaixaPay Fiat ATM Card With Possibility To Upload Credit With CXP, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC & DASH through our own card top up exchange
Q4 2020
07. Gift Cards

Purchase Gift Cards Using CXP

08. Attraction Passes

Purchase Tourist Attraction Passes
Using CXP

Coming Shortly